Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Squirrels vs. Tommies, Game 1 tonight

Are we ready to rumble? Our beloved, modest, and humble friends from UNB will be at the LBR tonight looking to protect their 4 and 0 record, while the good guys in Green and Gold will look for an important two points against a tough opponent.

Matt Eagles and the Tommies are ready to play the mighty Squirrels. "When you're a team that's going up against guys with a little bit more talent, you've got to stick together," said Eagles. "He [Danny Flynn] always used to say that if your fist is smaller than the other team's fist, you've got to squeeze it even tighter," he said. "You've got to be a tight knit group, and that's the way we've got to play." Daily Gleaner: Eagles not about to concede anything

Tickets can be purchased today at MacTavish's Source for Sports at 228 Queen St, JB O'Keefe Fitness Centre, or at the LBR starting at 5:30.

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  1. We are looking forward to a good game tonight. Hopefully it will be a close one!