Saturday 31 October 2009

Game 7 Live Blog STU 4 DAL 3 FINAL

The Tommies have defeated the Tigers 4-3 in a shootout here in
Halifax. STU took a 3-1 lead with Max Chamberland's goal at 1:34 but
DAL responded with goals at 9:46 and 16:56 to even the score. Overtime
solved nothing even though both teams had powerplays in the extra

In the shootout, Charles Lavigne made a remarkable save on Kenzie
Sheppard who looked like he had the goal but Lavigne, not giving up on
the play, brought his left arm around and stopped the shot along the
ice with his glove. Chamberland scored for STU but Trevor Mackenzie
scored for the Tigers to keep things squared. The Tommies fifth
shooter, Corey Banfield beat Bobby Nadeau to give STU the victory.
With the win the Tommies improve to 3-3-1 for 7 points. Next up on the
weekend are Saint Mary's and Acadia on Friday and Saturday nights,

Thanks for tuning in and reading along.

HCH Men's & Women's roundup: Tommies edge Tigers in shootout


  1. Congratulations to the STU Tommies on winning in a shootout.2 out of 4 points this weekend is good.
    I will stand to be corrected,but I do not recall that STU has ever won a game in the shootout.
    Yankee fan/Oilslick.

  2. Oilslick, the first game I ever taped for STU, they won in a shootout. They beat McGill in the UNB preseason tourney 5-4.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  3. Thanks for the info Tommies Video Guy.I probably was there even.They have not beat anyone in this league then.
    Yankee fan/Oilslick

  4. Stu gets too much money guy here. Congrats on the win STU. I assume the H1N1 postponed the girls game , same as UNB game?

  5. ^^yeah, must be something going around Halifax. The Huskies football team had the flu earlier in the season and must have been a precaution.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  6. I see UNB Girls hockey club is very alive and well and some STU players on the roster. Lack of a second varsity team in the city certainly ups the cost of the other teams travel and gets rid of what was once a healthy rivalry. Too bad UNB couldn't put the run to some more Canada Geese and other wetland wildlife. All they have to do is sell more woodlot/wetland, pay off their debt, and toss $50K a year to the female hockey. Hell, a university that overfills the city with engineers, and biologists made a sound decision to sell to Costco and stick some gasoline tanks there anyway. They claim they are a million in debt. Why not sell UNB to STU. Then again why not sell NB Power to STU? Then we could put over priced boxes in the rink and NB Power Officials could sit there. How about $50K a pop for each box?

  7. ^^What does that have to do with anything relevant?