Monday 28 September 2009

Tommies' tenders net weekly honours

Female Athlete of the Week: The female athlete of the week is Kristin Wolfe of the women's hockey program. Kristin was in goal and helped win the Tommies' Sunday game against U de M with 41 shots on goal. Kristin is a 1st year student from Chignecto, NS.

Male Athlete of the Week: The male athlete of the week is Charles Lavigne of the men's hockey program. Charles made 49 saves Friday as the STU Tommies took on U de M in exhibition play. Charles is a first year student from St. Bernardin, ON.
Congratulations to both goalies, you certainly earned it.

STU Athletics release


  1. stated earlier....two teams that are just no more than goaltenders.

  2. ^^^yeah, and they won and scored goals. Its just that the tenders were the best players over the weekend. Let it go.