Wednesday 30 September 2009

Former Tommie Jean Bourbeau signs AHL contract

Big hitting Jean Bourbeau has signed a two way deal with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the AHL and Odessa Jackalopes of the CHL. As of the time of writing this post Jean is still with the Sound Tigers team and we hope he sticks. We also noticed, as the local media pointed out a few weeks ago, that former Squirrel Captain Dustin Friesen is at the same camp. I guess you only get noticed in this town if you have a big red tail, a well financed PR department, and the local newspaper as a corporate supporter. Things that make you go hmmmm??

Bourbeau, 25, began his pro career last season with Odessa, registering 25 points (10 goals, 15 assists) in 58 games. The Bonnyville, Alberta native attended camp with the Sound Tigers last season, and was also called up to the team last November for a brief period. Article
During his four year stint with St. Thomas, Bourbeau recorded 19 goals and 23 assists for 42 points with 116 penalty minutes in 98 games. Way to go Jean, best of luck to you.
Photo credit: Power Plus Hockey Skating Inc.


  1. Well maybe if you had a guy on your team that could bring what Dustin brought every night his name might get mentioned in the paper. Wait I remember reading something in the paper about your superstar player Justin Bowers.. Oh yeah he got caught shop lifting. Even he knew enough to leave STU..

  2. To the commentator above: Wow, what a viral and personal comment against someone. I don't even know any of these guys, but I know this - you are a jerk (and probably a coward) You should be banned from this site (and not because you aren't a STU fan but because most people who have comments know when to draw the line).

  3. First poster, if your going to make a comment like that, put your name on it. I'll be the first to say that Dustin Friesen played hard every night, he even had a hand with 45 second left to defeat STU in Game 2 of the playoffs two years ago. But Bourbeau played hard every night and earned every inch of ice he got.

    and Bowers has nothing to do with this discussion. Your an idoit


  4. I agree that the comment about Bowers "crossed the line". Bourbeau was a skilled hard working player and it is good to see him doing well. I hope he is able to stick at the AHL level.

    By the way, I am a UNB fan. I love a good healthy rivalry and friendly barbsbetween STU and UNB fans, but I think the rhetoric on both sides, particularly on this site, sometimes gets a bit out of hand.

    I also think the references to the Gleaner's bias in the original post are unfair. On the whole I think their coverage of both teams is fairly balanced. When UNB is at the top of their game, as they are now, it is reasonable to expect that they will likely get more of the headline coverage.

  5. Hi guys:
    We genuinely didn't know that Bourbeau had signed a two-way deal. When you have information like that, please share it so we can let everyone know.
    You can think what you like, but we're not biased. We attempt to cover both teams equally. Prior to each home game, we talk to a player from the home team. We staff each home game.
    When a kid gets a pro opportunity, regardless of what colour uniform he wore once upon a time, it's good news.
    Congrats to Jean Bourbeau.

  6. I just think that UNB does more to promote their past player's accomplishments more than STU does.

  7. Not sure what the blogger means by the comment 'corporate' sponsor relative to the coverage, but I dare suggest that is a business decision between UNB and the advertising department of the local newspaper. Advertising is a different component of the newspaper operation. It has nothing to do with the editorial department of the paper nor should it. STU opts to throw its advertising dollars in another direction and that is a business decision as well. So if the blogger is hinting that being a corporate sponsor dictates coverage, that is totally wrong. We fully respect that our readership reflects interest in both programs. University hockey and athletics have consistently been a major priority for the Daily Gleaner.

  8. Kudos to Jean Bourbeau.He was a great player here at STU.Hope he does well.
    I heard today that Jeremy Turgeon is not playing with STU this year.He may play senior again.I thought when he got to play he was good.He is a very good ball player.
    Lack of ice time could be reason why.

  9. The old axiom is true that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". It's a big enough task to stay on top of everything that's going on locally. UNB makes wise use of the media and has invested in the man (and woman) power to get their message out. If STU wants to celebrate the accomplishments of its' alumni, they simply need to be more proactive in their communications.