Thursday 2 July 2009

Alexandre Labonte commits to St. Thomas

Former Saint John Sea Dog and Victoriaville Tiger player Alexandre Labonte has agreed to play for the Tommies this fall. Pending an AHL contract, Labonte will enroll in the Criminology program at St. Thomas and looks forward to playing for a quality coach in Mike Eagles.

While in Victoriaville, Labonte found his scoring touch as he lit the lamp 22 times in 07-08 and 23 times in 08-09. His knack around the net will be a welcomed addition at STU, if he doesn't make the AHL. He should be in great condition after attending a pro camp and we look forward to seeing him in Green and Gold. Welcome Alexandre. L'Express Drummondville Article


  1. no worries about this guy pulling a Beljo. can't see an AHL contract coming.

  2. Excellent. Four year QMJHL veteran.

    Good add.

  3. looks like a late bloomer scorer. Thats good.

    puts us to 3 guys now

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  4. ..or this could be a classic case of a mediocore player finally putting up decent numbers as gets older becuase he is playing against (mostly) kids younger than him...

  5. ...Could you not say that about every 20 year old recruit coming into the CIS? Doe head.

  6. Not

  7. I think that you may want to check your spelling of "Doe" head, Squirrel H8TR. You Tommie fans are quite a sensitive bunch, aren't you?

  8. Why come on here and make trouble and then do it anonymously? What's the point? Sign your name.

  9. Labonte's major jr.numbers look like those of Matt Hogan and Mike Hansen both of whom had tremendous positive impacts on STU's hockey program and from all reports is looking forward to making such a mark at STU, I think that he will be just what the Dr. has ordered as he joins former teammates at STU and I look forward to his presence.

    Barry Collrin,STU 68

    Given last years results and Dalhousie's recruiting activities it is UNBELIEVABLE that the Tommies have confirmed only 2 recruits(not 3,the walk-on doesent count)
    Coach Eagles continued failure at making SIGNIFICANT recruit committments is just absolutely dereliction of duty......SOMETHING MUST BE DONE,the needs have been obvious for most of last years campaign!

    NEEDED: Scrap the MJHL who demonstrated inability to function at the AUS level.
    Add a #1 goalie as we have 2 pretty good back-ups.
    Strengthen the back-end with the addition of a couple of top 4 d-men so that undertalented'overused MJHL graduates don't need to be relied upon.
    Last but not least,recruit some Major Jr.A players who have the skill and hearts to challenge some of last years Major A dissappointments.
    I hate to say it but it looks like another season of dissappointment coming up.I have been silently awaiting good news in appropriate numbers and in this case NO NEWS IS "NOT" GOOD NEWS.



  11. yet again Crazy Horse, you show your inabilites and knowing how to run a hockey team.

    Ben McFarlane is fine in net. We have a good defense that will improve as a unit yet again. You forget how young the team is in general.

    We only lost 2 guys to graduation, maybe 3 is all we need and the guys will improve because it was trial by fire last year. Its only July 13th. Training camp opens in september

  12. To the STU recruiters:

    rule #1- a team can never have too many Newfoundlanders.

    rule #2- a team can never have too many Westerners (any address west of Fredericton ia a westerner.

    rule #3- a team can never have too many Major Jr A's

    rule #4- there is such a rule as having too many MJHL'ers.

    Advice!!! recruit accordingly.


  13. I think that the majority of STU fans would disagree with this statement, "Ben McFarlane is fine in net". If Eagles takes this attitude as well then STU is in for a very long season.

    A previous contributer seemed to be badmouthing the MJHL graduates,In checking stats you will find that STU has been relatively successful at aquiring some of the best over the years,you might be surprised(you shouldn't be) that holding down ninth spot would be "CORY BANFIELD" a very skilled player who can take great advantage of his wingers and did so last year and outpointed many other graduates of Major Junior hockey,so you say what's the point? THE BEST FROM THE MJHL CAN AND HAVE MADE SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS,as did Lachlan MacIntosh at CIS Nationals in earning an MVP award( am I allowed to mention this on the STU website? YOU WANT TO BELIEVE I CAN and I would also bet that there will not be even one STU fan who would not want to acknowledge that fact,including Jason Cassidy and so the point that I am trying to make here is that there are plenty of MJHL hockey graduates who can play at the AUS level but they must be of the quality mentioned above.NOTE: Justin Bowers a former MJHL graduate and Tommie played in the AHL last year.

  15. This submission is to apease UNB fans who get the "janders" when there is no mention of UNB; I am saying this with the most of respect BUT don't be dissapointed if Shutron does not live up to expectatons as a replecement for either Frieson or Bowman,his pedigree is misleading and in one year with Windsor,their goaltender Engelage had only 7 points less than Shutron.

  16. A little off topic perhaps?? What does UNB getting Ben Shutron have anything to do with STU getting Labonte?? There is a thread where you can comment on UNB's acquisition at

  17. For the record...he didn't even play half a season in Windsor...he had 35 points last season between Windsor and Kitchener.

  18. The Countdown continues:
    -5 weeks to showdown with CIS National Champs.
    - Number of recruit confirmations remain the same ( ie 1 walkon,2 -recruits,rumours of 1 more)
    - unaddressed issues remain the same ie no #1 goaltender,no additional d-men( STU were 2nd last in the COUNTRY in the category of goals against;it should be noted that poor quality forwards contributed to this total); continued recruiting incompetance is on display ,failure to attract and confirm quality candidates rests at Eagles doorstep as he is totally in charge of that enterprise.

    Looks like another underrecruiting and inadequate year coming up, will somebody please tell me it ain't so!

    Crazy Horse (on the warpath again)