Saturday 9 May 2009

AUS makes changes to men's play-off format

Athletic Directors from across the AUS have agreed to change the play-off format for men's hockey. Instead of having a best-of-three series in either the semi-finals or finals every year, depending on the number of births assigned at nationals, the league will have best-of-fives for both rounds.

AD/Coach Mike Eagles told the Daily Gleaner

"I think a lot of people realize that playoffs are a revenue generator," Eagles said. "If we have room on the schedule, if we're not impacting the academics of our student-athletes, and we can showcase our sport and grow it a little bit, that's a good thing. I think it passed for a very good reason."
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  1. What difference does this make? STU won't make the play-off.

  2. A nice change for fans of the AUS hockey ,extending the season in a meaningful way should give another opportunity for fans to discouver great hockey,no matter who is playing.


  3. here we go agian UNB makes a motion and STU follows suit

  4. What are you talking about? It doesn't say that. Here is a motion for you...pound sand.

  5. why do people care if STU follows suit on what UNB does for this instance. It creates more and exciting hockey and more games show who the better team in the playoffs can be now. Best of 3 is a terrible format for playoffs because a team can either surprise or dominate. Best of 5 is way better. More dramatic hockey.

    to the guy on the first post, STU is going to make the playoffs this season.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  6. Good move for all the obvious reasons. And yeah, would luv to see the Tommies back in the thick of the playoff chase. Not really fussy if they continue to go with the 2-2-1 format, although you do want to give the higher seed an advantage. Perhaps a 1-2-2 format might be considered. It just seems when teams get the first two games at hand, it's such a huge advantage...particularly involving teams that might be separated by a single point during the regular season. Just a thought.

  7. How about any kind of playoff series for the women's play-off format. The women's program is being short changed with the existing one weekend tournament playoff format is for the birds. If we are to increase notoriaty of the women's game we need to have at least best two out of 3 series.

    How about it?