Monday 20 April 2009

Tyler Dietrich may find his niche with Tommies

Tyler comes to the Tommies via our cross campus rivals at UNB. There are several ways you could look at his addition to next years team. One way is to conclude that he isn't going to be of any significance as he is a Squirrel cast off and didn't prove anything in his short time with them. Not very fair to Dietrich when you consider the Squirrels depth over the past several years.

Another way to look at this new addition is he has something to prove, not just to his new team mates, but to himself. He has suffered through injury after injury in his major junior and university career and has never been able to obtain any consistency. If he can remain healthy for the season it will be any ones guess as to how much he can help. The skill is there.

Tyler has jumped around more than a Mexican bean and may be the first CIS player (in recent history anyhow) to play for 3 different Universities in his career. He will be 25 years old this summer and only entering his 3rd year of eligibility. The West Vancouver native started off his CIS days in 05-06 with his home province UBC Thunderbirds, sat out a year, played 14 games in 07-08 with the Squirrels, and had to sit out last year to be eligible to play with St. Thomas this coming year.

The 6'1" Dietrich is known for his speed and his gritty play. In the small confines of the LBR good things may finally start happening for this western boy. If this guy is willing to give Coach Eagles his best every night, can stay healthy, and get rewarded with a regular shift we may just have a new fan favourite in Green and Gold.

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  1. I am thinking that Tyler Dietrich is going to bringa "nice" presence to the Tommies with added inspiration when playing against UNB who did not appreciate his talents........I am predicting that he will become more than just a fan favorite but a large contributer to next years results.
    Welcome to STU,Tyler and you are to be commended for your decision to move on up the hill,again welcome.