Saturday 11 April 2009

Highlight Video From STU/UdeM

Hey everyone, in my browsing of the internet, I came across the STU Tommies men's website. If you look at the link of where it says "Upcoming Games" there is an underlined link of where it says UDM on February 11th. If you click on that link, there is a video taken by yours truly (even though I didn't make it, I have a good idea who did) of all 5 STU goals, including the Banfield Bank Shot in OT. Have a look with the enclosed link.

Hopefully everyone is having a plentiful Easter Weekend.

Good pick up for STU with Jadran Beljo. Anyone who can play on the same line as Jordan Staal and Logan Hunter, along with playing with Patrick Kaleta of the Buffalo Sabers and Liam Reddox of the Edmonton Oilers must be a great talent.


  1. Happy Easter to youas well.
    He must be worth it ,just because he played with an OIler player.
    Oil Slick

  2. Nice to see, hope there's more next year!

    Love to hear the horn through this, but I hope it's louder this year.

    I'm using a different horn recording.

  3. Not to sound cynical or anything...but maybe he put up those big numbers in junior because he was playing with the likes of those players...what will he do when he doesn't have those kind of teammates to get him the puck?? Maybe someone who has seen him play can answer this better than me...but something to think about nonetheless...

  4. Fair question, I suppose. I guess the same thing should have been asked about Hunter Tremblay. Stats are close to Beljo's, so was it Tremblay or Bryan Little that did the scoring? Just wondering that's all.

  5. Also a fair question...but in the last two years Tremblay has proven he is a pretty good scorer in his own right...I imagine Beljo will do alright as well but the jury is still out on him...for now