Monday 2 February 2009

A STU Sendoff

Hey readers, my name is Fraser MacAlpine and I am the videographer for the men's hockey team since 2005. I am a STU student in my 4th year majoring in criminology. On Wednesday, February 11th it will be my last game videotaping for the Tommies and it will be tough to pack up my gear and hang up my tripod. But like the graduating players, I will be moving on. I have made a lot of good friends here at STU, with the team and staff of both the men's and lady Tommies hockey players. I have seen a lot of talent in the LBR and I want to shed some light on some games I have been apart of in the last 4 years. I have videotaped 83 Men's and Women's exhibition, regular season and playoff games. I am also a huge fan of the TSN Top 10 lists so I will channel that into this blog.

#10- McGill Redmen vs. St. Thomas Tommies. UNB Pre Season Tournament. (STU Wins In Shootout)
This was the first game I have ever done, and to be quite honest, the worst game I have ever taped. I thought it would be cool for Coach Eagles to watch the game like he was watching a game on CBC and not for coaching purposes. And I was told that after. This game was amazing to watch for a nothing exhibition game since McGill lost to UNB and STU lost to UdeM the night before. Coming from Ontario, I have seen McGill before playing (and beating) RMC and Queens so it was cool to see a team from the home conference of the OUA in New Brunswick. This game was back and forth and both teams worked hard. One of the highlights was one of the hardest workers in a STU uniform I ever saw, Bruce Gillis, scoring his only goal of the season on a wicked slapshot. McGill tied the game with 0.8 on the clock scored by UNB's Robert Pearce's twin brother and the game went to a shootout. I know STU has never done well historically in shootouts but it was a different story as we beat them with goals from Miguel Delilse and Jeff Bateman. For my debut to watch and work with the Tommies, I was quite impressed.

#9. St. Thomas Tommies vs. UdeM Aigles Bleus, November 24th, 2007 (STU Wins 5-3)
I think a very underrated rivalry in AUS hockey is the other battle of New Brunswick between STU and UdeM. Sometimes, I am even more fired up to film these games and then the games with the "Tree Rats". Moncton had beaten us out of the playoffs the year before on LBR ice so I know the boys were really revved up to beat them back in the season. And what we got was an amazing performance by the top line of STU being #91 Justin Bowers, #25 Jeff Bateman and #24 Matty Seymour. Bowers picked up a hat trick including the winner off a Louis Mandeville giveaway in the middle of the third and roofing it on Kevin Lachance as well as 2 assists. Seymour had a goal and 3 assists and Jeff Batemen had 4 assists. It was the best one line performance I have ever seen.

I will be back soon with games number 8 and 7 and thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks to Fraser for posting and being part of the Tommies for the past 4 years. Best of luck in the future.

    I really enjoyed the game against McGill as well. It's great to go down memory lane!

  2. I do not know who you are but now I finally know the name of video guy. good luck in the next chapter of your life.
    I am with you I think the rivalry between Moncton and STU is better then the Squirrel vs STU one.