Wednesday 11 February 2009

Tommies bounce Blue Eagles

It was the tale of the bouncing puck tonight at the LBR. It took a fluke goal in overtime but the Tommies finally came out on the right side of a 5 to 4 O/T game. It didn't look like STU was going to pull it out for the graduating Seniors late in the third but the final bouce went the Tommies way.

Prior to the start of the game Matt Davis and Justin Roy were presented with their STU Tommies sweaters in a pregame ceromny. Matt also got the call in the net for the first time in 8 games. He made the most of his chance tonight.

The Tommies scored the only goal of the first at 18:24 when Devan Praught redirected a Ryan Lehr point shot that fooled Moncton goalie Peirre-Alexandre Marion, with the other assist to Max Chamberland.

Moncton got into penalty trouble in second and went two men down for 58 seconds. Ryan Lehr made them pay just as the first penalty expired, when he wired home a Andrew Andricopoulos cross ice pass. Moncton stormed back to tie the game when Nicolas Laplante scored two consecutive powerplay goals 2 1/2 minutes apart. Devan Praught scored his second of the night on a nice centering pass by Max Chamberland, that he redirected into the net from the lip of the crease. The Tommes went up by 2 once again at 16:05 when Wes Welcher was able to bang one past Marion. The goal was somewhat controversaly as Moncton complained the puck had not crossed the goal line before the whistle was blown.

The Tommies held the lead until late in the third when Moncton would score a short handed marker that Matt Davis would surely love to have back. Then with less than 4 minutes on the clock the STU defence was not able to clear the puck and Moncton got a lucky bounce in front of Davis that hit a Tommie defender before finding the back of the net.

As the game entered over time, Moncton had a great chance early but Matt Davis made the big save off Ian-Mathieu Girard stick to keep the game alive. Then the strangest goal of an evening of strange goals occurred when Corey Banfield gained the blue line and prepared to dump the puck to the corner. His dump in bounced off the boards and came back towards the middle of the ice but the goaltender Marion had already committed himself to play the puck in the corner and wasn't able to reverse course in time to stop the puck from entering the empty net. Tommies win and deny Moncton the chance of catching Saint Mary's for the second seed and first round bye.

The Tommies season will come to a close in Charlottetown on Saturday night when they take on the UPEI Panthers. You can catch all the action on 95.7 CKTP starting at 7 PM. Daily Gleaner: Tommies finish strong


  1. unbelievable game. Everytime we beat Moncton its a special feel to it. Banny's goal was like Sean Avery's in the playoffs 2 years ago on Keri Lethonen. Its kind of nice to cap of my carrer of videotaping games with an OT win in the last one to the shootout one against McGill in my first game.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  2. That was a great way to end the home part of the season. It is a little sad because we are losing two quality players and there are no playoffs and we do not see the team till the fall now.
    That was definitely a great way for it to close.
    It is always fun to play spoilers.

  3. Get a life, Eddie Munster!

  4. well that comment was kind of a waste now wasnt it.

  5. I was thinking what a great Wed it was with STU winning and Edmonton beating the Habs.Can't get any better then that.Now today I am stiil happy about the Oilers,but there is still no more STU hockey.
    I think I made an enemy at the Daily Gleaner.

  6. Hi Oil:
    If you mean me, no hard feelings. It's just that you were chirping at the end of the game when I was still sorting out what was going on with the winning goal and determining who I needed to talk to and so on. I thought your comments were inappropriate and incorrect, because I think I and we at the Gleaner have been fair to the Tommies both this year and in general.
    But no big deal. I don't consider you an enemy at all and I'm not sure where you would get that impression.

  7. Oil...what did you say to Bill? And why would you feel the Gleaner has been unfair to the hasn't been a very good year, or have you checked the standings lately? Must say, though, they deserve credit for finishing as well as they did.....strange that the effort wasn't there whenever they played UNB....why is that?

  8. I realize my comments were off base and I will apologize for that.I will not apologize for sticking up for my team.You have written some good articles ,even the latest one. I was not impressed with the comparison to the Leafs in your family write-up.
    It has not been too much fun reading at various times that STU should be buried six feet under,because they cannot compete,I do not believe one year should result in that.
    I do recall one game against the squirrels going into overtime,there was an effort there.There are more teams in league then just UNB.
    Where is Gleaner writer Mike POwer?
    Oilers beat Habs

  9. I don't think you ever saw anything written by me suggesting they kill the program. I can't control what other people write in their columns -- those are the opinion of the writer. As far as the comparison to the Leafs in that column -- lighten up already. It was a story about a little guy who's not even two who we took to his first hockey game! When you write in a different section of the paper, you can't assume everybody knows who the Tommies are. I just compared them to the Leafs saying they don't win much, but they have loyal fans. That's not incorrect. The Leafs have won one title in 42 years. The Tommies' title seven or eight years ago was their first in 40 years. Neither one will make the playoffs this year.
    If you or anybody else in Tommie nation were offended, I'm sorry, but I got a nice note from a Tommies' fan telling me how much he enjoyed it. You never know how it's going to hit people, I guess. I'm done jousting with you all. Probably shouldn't have been drawn into any of it in the first place. I'll observe from a distance from now on.

  10. I did not say that it was you that wrote that about killing the program. I just mentioned there has been alot said.
    I also did notsayI did not not like the family write-up I just do not think The Tommies are comparable at all to the woeful Leafs. I enjoyed the rest of it and glad to see your grandson cheering for a good team and enjoyed the picture.
    Oil Slick