Tuesday 17 February 2009

Shameless Plug

Hey Y'all, this message is to help promote a hockey game at the LBR that does not feature the Tommies. It is the annual Washburn Cup Hockey Game between intramural eligible hockey players between Harrington Hall Raiders versus the Forest Hill Trojan Ryders. So to all the STU fans who are upset that there will not be any playoff hockey this season, come down to the LBR for a playoff, Game 7 atmosphere game between heated rivals. If you think the Battle of the Hill was intense, well, you have never seen a rivalry like this!

Puck drop is THIS Friday at 7pm and admission is free, but donations to the food bank and the Canadian Cancer Society are more than welcome. So come on down.

Here are the past scores from the past 3 years:

Forest Hill 8, Harrington 3
Harrington 8, Forest Hill 6
Forest Hill 7, Harrington 4

Hope to see everyone there, student and hockey fan alike!!


  1. I will also be doing the music for this game. If anything else, you can hear the music you've grown accustomed to from Tommies games as well. Lol. However, there will be more dance music and rap haha.

  2. I was actually looking for extra hockey so I may go.