Wednesday 4 February 2009

More Memorable Games

This was a very hard process to pick the top 10 games I have seen as they have been way more than 10 Tommies moments, even with a win or not. I will throw up an honourable mention list soon enough, when its time to reveal the #1 moment in my eyes.

#6- Game #1, STU vs. St FX X-Men, February 20th, 2008 (STU Wins 2-1 OT)

This is one of 2 of STU's "Shots Heard Round The World" (does that sound like something Buffalo Sabers play-by-play Rick Jeanerette would say) and it was huge to say the least. I mentioned before that STU has a history of not doing amazing in overtimes and shootouts before, especially in the playoffs. On this night, it was different. Matt Seymour started the scoring with the assists going to Justin Bowers and Corey Banfield, who started playing and stepping up when Jeff Batemen went out with a knee injury. They boys tried holding on with Matt Davis standing on his head like he did most nights last season, but X scored with 5 minutes left in the third. I was thinking "oh boy, overtime, the only OT win i have seen is when Bourbs (Jean Bourbeau) scored an OT winner earlier in the year." Enter Erick Tremblay. Erick was a mid season pickup along with Jason Cassidy and Keith Wynn (and one time gamer Patrick Bordeleau). Tremblay scored on his signature slapshot from the point right past the glove of Danny Battochio from a great d to d pass from Keith Wynn and the Tommies get rid of some overtime fustration.

#5- St. Thomas Tommies vs. UNB Varsity Reds, November 2nd, 2005 (Tie Game 3-3)
This was the first home Battle of the Hill I have ever seen and I was estatic to even watch it. Here's why! The game before at the AUC had a rareity as there was a fight between Anthony Butera and Stacy Smallman and Miguel Delilse knocked UNB's Craig Perry out with an elbow and JM Boisvert scored in overtime to win. So this game had rivalry written all over it. I have seen games between Army and RMC and it has nothing on the the sheer physicallity of the Battle of the Hill. STU got the first 2 goals from Kyle McAllister and Justin McCutcheon. UNB got back into the game on 3 goals from AHL players nowadays in Rob Hennigar and Darryl Boyce. Hennigar apparently had scored the shift before and everyone but the ref thought it was in so it didn't count. But next shift, Hennigar scored again. So with 15 or so seconds left and Aaron Molnar pulled, Eagles put out Chris Cook, McAllister, Theriault, Ryan Card, Bateman and Miguel Delisle to try and tie it. And from the side of the net, Delisle scored with 2 seconds left to get the Tommies to overtime. Neither team could capitalize in overtime and the game ended in a tie.


  1. how did that fight go in game 5?
    good read btw, thank you for this.

  2. the fight started with an end of period line scrum between then, then Stacy Smallman tried to take advantage of Butera. Smallman had his gloves off then Butera looked to the bench and Eagles gave him the okay

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  3. I remember Butera being in shock as he was a rookie in a leauge without fighting. Smallman got the nod from MacDougall to start the fight and got 3 or 4 hits in before Butera even knew what was going on. Smallman got a 2 game suspension and Butera didn't even get a game. Smallman got the decision based on the surprise attack but Anthony held his own after the initial flury.