Wednesday 28 January 2009

Tommies officially eliminated from playoff contention

STU fell 9-0 to the $quirrels. With Acadia's 2-1 overtime victory over Dalhousie tonight, the Axemen clinch the 6th and final playoff spot.

Daily Gleaner Article


Daily Gleaner Letter to the Editor, "Invest in STU's hockey team or administer last rites"

Clearly, now is the time for STU president Michael Higgins, the board of governors and all friends of the Tommies to sit down and review this program. Your students are disinterested, your alumni disheartened and your loyal fans disillusioned.

You must develop a vision and a commitment to your men's hockey program or call on poor Father Dolan to administer last rights.

The status quo is no longer an option. Your men's hockey team is now on life support and losing the battle.


  1. there was just zero effort tonite as soon as UNB scored goal number 1 and it was downhill from there. For the first time since i have been a part of the team, no playoffs.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  2. I didnt go out to the game, to much snow.. was it a rough game?

  3. Players are not performing for this coach. This happens every few years and management recognizes that coaches have to be fired. Do you think Mike will fire Mike? Confused, yes Mike is his own boss. Have we seen this script before at this University???

  4. And yet, they worked their ass off and won 5-0 two nights later. It's a talent thing. UNB has the best program in the country. STU suffers by comparison.

  5. The players must not be motivated by the coach. Seems thay must be tired of him.

  6. Better not be. They're all first and second year kids, recruited by him. This isn't pro hockey, where you can just dog it until they change the coach. Not gonna happen.