Wednesday 14 January 2009

Tommies need to rebound for many reasons

David Ritchie's Daily Gleaner Column:
[Mike] Eagles is a former coach of the year in both the AUS and CIS, so it's not like he suddenly doesn't know how to relate. The school itself is limited population-wise and hasn't got as varied an academic program as some, but that's always been the case.

Successful recruiting, says Eagles, is all about out-working the other guy. "We have to talk to more kids because what we offer as a school is not for everybody,'' he says. "It's on me. I just have to do a better job. I know that.''

Hard-work doesn't intimidate Eagles. That's why he doesn't buy into the notion that assuming duties as athletic director to go along with coaching in September has had a negative effect on the hockey program. "I'm prepared to do the work,'' he says. It remains to be seen if the power-brokers at the school are of the same opinion.

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