Friday 23 January 2009

STU to establish sporting shrine

From today's Daily Gleaner:
Nominations for the first class of Wall of Famers may be submitted to While it's not firmly established as a criteria, [athletic director Mike] Eagles believes the first crop will acknowledge and reflect STU's Miramichi roots.

St. Thomas' roots can be traced to St. Thomas College, a secondary school and junior college founded by Basiilian Fathers in Chatham in 1910. St. Thomas relocated to Fredericton in 1964 and now has a student population of 2500 and a faculty of 120 full-time staff.


  1. My advice would be to start with modern day inductees and work backward. The reason being that there may not be a Varsity team too far down the road. I would suggest that if the university was still in Chatam, it would have the same student enrollment and the rink would be full every night. I could see Morris and Jimmo as bench bosses and most teams would fear to travel to the city. The fans in Chatham have a better turn out to minor hockey games than the modern day tommies. And why not? Perhaps better hockey. I bet if you handed Morris the reigns to the team right now he, alone,would fill the rink every night. He knows what a team heart is and nobody, but nobody would hand his team an 8 - 0 loss.

  2. Does anyone besides me even read this stuff, or is it just wasted space?