Thursday 8 January 2009

Between the Lines

Tommie Fans,

My name is Jason Cassidy and it's an honour to have been invited to contribute to the site. While studying journalism at St. Thomas, I write a bi-weekly column that is published in the school newspaper, The Aquinian.

For those who are unable to pick up a copy around campus, I will be posting my articles here to give you a bit more insight into the life of a student athlete.

I want to thank STUTOMMIES.COM for giving me this opportunity and I welcome any feedback or concerns from the readers.

Enjoy the second half of the season,

Jason Cassidy


Originally Printed in The Aquinian on 09/16/2008

I often wonder where I would be today if sports were not apart of my life. Would I be in New Brunswick attending St. Thomas? Would I be completing a degree in journalism? Would I be writing for the Aquinian? Probably not!

More importantly, where would I be today without the relationships I have formed and the experiences I have shared with such wonderful individuals?

Athletes are bread to win championships. It is instilled into their mind at a very young age that winning is everything.

Though I am quite certain that once the journey is over, and it becomes time to call it a career, most athletes will remember the friendships. The experiences they have gained and the appreciation of teamwork they shared with others.

Memories last a lifetime. Very cliché, but memories shape an individual and help to guide them through the trial and error periods throughout life.

The sporting world is extremely cut throat and you can be sure it will throw many challenges in your way. It is important to understand how to channel those experiences to improve yourself not only as an athlete, but as a person.

This column will explore the many highs and lows that my fellow St. Thomas athletes and I have endured, and how those challenges have shaped us as individuals. Please be sure to send in your feedback and share the ever lasting memories that have changed you as a person!

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  1. I pick up the Aquinian each week and I have been reading your articles when they are there.You definitely picked the right program to be in.
    I wish they would have had it when I was there.I like to write and I find it helps to get alot of things of your mind and for me ,I always feelbetter after I do it.