Tuesday 6 January 2009

AUS on TV?

From Mike Power at the Daily Gleaner:

And there was a time when St. Thomas and UNB were on a par in just about all things to do with sports.
Now if you came to town without knowing the history and sized up the respective athletic programs at the two schools, you wouldn't see many similarities.
When one school brings in a guy like Dave Morell just to run promotions and community relations and the other uses one man to do the heavy jobs of varsity men's hockey coach and athletic director, well, they choose their own path and how they want to walk it.
And more...
Wouldn't it be great if UNB or STU playing hockey at St. FX or basketball at
Saint Mary's was on the television? I mean, it's 2009. Look at what technology
can do.
What do you think of the job STU does promoting its teams? Discuss in the comments.


  1. This is kind of ironic, because Fraser and I were talking about this earlier in the year. We had a few ideas as to what to do to make the marketing better. But it's clear for better promotions the STU team will need more hands. Asking one person to do everything is insane and counter-productive. How else does UNB get more fans to our STU-UNB games at the LBR?

    It doesn't take a lot to market this league. It is the best hockey in Canada that no one knows about. The casual Fredericton hockey fan that doesn't have an affiliation to either STU or UNB should be aware of the choice available for the best kept secret in hockey. There are AUS men's hockey games every weekend, either with UNB or STU. The public isn't really aware of this. A business like STU should be able to capitalize on this, especially in a league where most teams in any given year can win in a toss-up.

  2. if nobody goes to the stu games, why do you think they would get on tv? it doesent add up.. tsn wouldnt pick up a team thats just boring to watch like the florida panthers, that would be bad for rates.. Stu is just plain old boring this year, strait up.

  3. Popularity is not necessarily the by-product of success alone. Otherwise, how do you explain the Toronto Maple Leafs?

    STU has much going for it that should help cultivate a fan base: a proud tradition, underdog status with an entertaining rivalry, a hard-working "lunch-pail" culture that many fans can embrace... these are just a few positives.

    STU does need to have someone in place dedicated to the job of PR if progress is to be made. UNB has brought in Dave Morell, a former media personality who understands the media and how it works and is able to maximize UNB's exposure as a result. If STU could find itself a media-savvy person who supports the program to handle PR, then I think you could see the "brand recognition" grow.