Friday 30 January 2009

Apology Accepted

With our thanks, from Bill Hunt of the Daily Gleaner:

I owe the folks at an apology.

Recall last week's piece, if you will, in which we called to task the anonymous bloggers who want Mike Eagles removed as coach of the St. Thomas Tommies men's hockey team.

One of the guys who runs the site wrote to protest, saying that they "humbly attempt to provide a service for Tommies fans by providing a central 'clearinghouse' of information. We post links to Tommies-related newspaper articles (positive and negative). We post links to other websites of interest to Tommies fans (including the Daily Gleaner). And we do allow our faithful readers to comment on the articles and game recaps that they find on our site. It is a selection of these readers, or commentators, that have expressed their opinions on the future of the Tommies and the leadership of the men's program"¦"

It's semantics I guess, but in my mind, when you submit a comment to a "blog" you become a "blogger." The guys who operate the site beg to differ. They suggest those people are "commentators."

I defer to their definition. So it's not the bloggers who should shut up or own up, it's the "commentators."

And from the same column:
Let's face it. The last two "Battles of the Hill" haven't been worthy of the name, or the Roman Numeral Treatment or the tradition. And they won't be until the Tommies upgrade their talent level and make it a real rivalry again.