Wednesday 17 December 2008

STU adds powerplay specialist

The re-tooling is underway, with a new defenseman joining the Green and Gold
(Photo Credit: Daily Gleaner)

From the Daily Gleaner:

Tommies head coach Mike Eagles thinks Andricopoulos, 21, can make a difference [on the powerplay].
"He's the type of guy we've been looking for," Eagles said. "He's a pretty good puck mover, he skates and moves well. From his background, he would certainly be in our top four and definitely help us on the power play."
That responsibility "is what I'm looking for," Andricopoulos said. "I've always been a power play guy. I'm definitely an offensive player but I'm very responsible defensively as well. I'm more of an all-around guy now as opposed to when I was 16 joining the Remparts for the first time."


  1. This is a big step in the right direction. Merry Christmas and a brighter New Year.

  2. You've got to wonder what exactly this guy's motives are... coming to a hockey team that is a point out of the basement and 9 points out of a playoff spot. Is he really that desperate?

  3. SWEEET. Seen this guy play on the Remparts D for four years, and in the Memorial Cup. Excellent pickup.

  4. Well we need some help on defence,so hopefully he can do just that.We are only nine points out and anything can happen, I 've seen it before.
    We may have to yellout his first name because it could take three periods to say his last name.
    Good luck with that radio guys.
    Oil Slick

  5. "what exactly this guy's motives are....Is he really that desperate?"

    With that sort of mentality no hockey team would ever get any better. It has to start somewheres and Andrew is a good piece to add to the puzzle. STU may be close to the basement right now but contrary to your way of thinking, they don't want to stay there. The way I look at it is recruit now for an alternative home team to root for at Nationals in 2 years.

  6. an-dri-CO-pou-los

    it's not that hard, it's pronounced as it's spelled.