Saturday 6 December 2008

Music for the Tommies

The first half went by so quickly and Tommies fans are anxiously waiting to find out if Coach Eagles will have another successful Christmas recruiting season. It will be a hard task to out do last year's job of Tremblay, Wynn, and Cassidy.

In the meantime, have you ever wondered what songs you were listening to during the Tommies' games at the LBR? Maybe you wanted to know who the artist was who sang that familiar tune? Well wonder no longer. Mike Sanderson the DJ of STU Hockey, or The Sandman, has kept track and has posted the play lists for all the St. Thomas men's and women's games dating back to the preseason. The Sandman even entertained our suggestions for the next STU vs. UNB game in January. Make sure you listen for our suggested tunes. (Trust us, you'll know our picks) The Sandman's play list 2008-09.


  1. I hope we pick up another natural centerman. We need more help on the faceoffs. A playmaker or a scorer, we need both.

    Another defensive defenceman would help our boardplay in our own zone. We fixed our breakouts a bit, but our defensive play in our own 60 needs some help for sure. Our rebound control is really good, though.

    Unless there's a can't miss goalie, we don't need one until next year at the earliest.


    If anyone has any questions regarding music, drop me a line:
    [ mikersanderson(at) ]

  2. they got one but won't play him ! Go figure !

  3. I think we will be fine without any players.If some come in that is fine,but don't upset the chemistry of the team.I agree leave the goalies alone they are fine.

  4. Agreed with chemistry. We got on a good streak with Welcher back.