Saturday 29 November 2008

Squirrels sting STU in shoot-out

St Thomas put in one heck of an effort tonight against the Squirrels but unfortunately were just shy of the 2 points. Strong defensive play and timely scoring were the keys to hanging tough against a top team like UNB. I'm not a fan of the charity point for the loss but this evening's point was earned and could have easily been two.

In a game where UNB carried the play but STU had the better scoring chances overall, the Squirrels were first on the board. Dustin Friesen at 18:27 of period one collected the rebound off a shot and fired past Ben MacFarlane on the PP. The Squirrels were 1 for 3 on the power play in the first and the Tommies knew they had to avoid the box at all cost or else they would be digging themselves a deeper hole.

The second period saw UNB take the first two penalties of the period and the second one would prove costly. Just as a Josh Hepditch penalty expired, Ryan Lehr potted one from Erick Tremblay and Jason Rinzler to tie the game. A few minutes later the Tommies were back where they didn't want or could afford to be, the Sin Bin. The big red rodent machine went to work and got their second PP goal of the night and their one goal lead restored. The Tommies would finish the second period on a high note as they were successfully able to kill off a penalty with only 2:11 remaining. It may have been a key kill as being down two heading to the third could have been the death blow.

With the Tommies down one in the third Wes Welcher was able to gain the Squirrels zone make a good pass to Jason Rinzler who fired a cross ice pass to Brad Gallant who went upstairs past Derek Yeomans to tie the score at 5:47. The Tommies came close several times to taking the lead, including a short handed break away by Mitch Price around the 17 minute mark and Max Chamberland hitting the post. It was not to be on this night as the game went to O/T.

In the overtime period the Squirrels took a penalty at 1:56 but the Tommies couldn't capitalize. STU found themselves shorthanded for the final 18 seconds of the game but Ben MacFarlane and the PK unit held the fort. Ben was solid in net and faced 42 Squirrel shots over 70 minutes. St Thomas fired 25 the other way.

The game went to the shoot out and Max Chamberland was the first shooter. He was oh so close but his shot went off the cross bar. Hunter Tremblay was first up for UNB and he tried to go five hole on MacFarlane who shut the door. Corey Banfield was up next and he tried a deke and stuff to no avail. Justin Dacosta would score the only goal on his "patented" shoot out move. Jason Rinzler would get a chance to extend it but his shot sailed high. It was one of STU's best efforts and it did get the all important point as they slide past Dalhousie for 7th in the league. The Tommies first half comes to an end and their past several games have given new hope for the second half. DG: Renewed rivalry

Don't forget that the Lady Tommies finish off their first half tomorrow afternoon at the LBR versus UPEI at 2 PM.


  1. UNB was written twice inthat write-up.It was a very good game and effort tonight and the two points were there.It is good to get one at least against a team like that.It is to bad that StFX clobbered SMU . Now we are 9 points back.We willbe a better team after Christmas.

  2. That was noeasy 2 points .That to the cocky UNB fans who think playing STU is just that an easy 2 points.
    Erick Tremblay was on fire tonight.One of the best games I have seen him and the whole defence play yet.
    There is a Men's volleyball game tommorrow as well.
    The referee was good tonight,I hope he sticks around.He is better then alot of the riff raff we have to deal with.

  3. I tried to be nice to a Squirrel trainor I held the door opened for him because he was carrying stuff out. Not even so much as a Thank you. Obviously at UNB they do not teach them any manners.

  4. FIre Mike eagles he is a joke

  5. Rather have Mike Eagles Then the clown up the hill.I have faith they will make the playoffs,I bet someone a Toonie.
    Alberta Clipper

  6. usually its the athletic director that makes the coaching calls, and since Mike is the director, i dont think hes going anywhere soon. I did tell some friends that as soon as Welcher is back in the line, we will win some games or if we lose, it will be close. He is a great 2 line centerman behind Banny and a wicked PKer who was missed dearly when he was out.

    Tommies Video Guy