Wednesday 1 October 2008

Too many exhibition games?

The Gleaner's Mike Power thinks so. Article
I can understand the STU Tommies need to play eight exhibition games, Coach Mike Eagles is doing his best mad-scientist routine mixing and matching trying out this and that as he attempts to build a team out of a bunch of first and second year players.
Also noted:

Why UNB, which had their team picked a long time ago, needs to play so much is beyond me.

I would hope it's because Gardiner MacDougall has some things he needs to know about his players and that it isn't all about the money fans pay when they come out to these meaningless games.

Mr. Power suggests that the local teams are risking "overexposure" by taking part in so many exhibition games. It's worth noting, from a Tommies fan's perspective, there has, to date, been only one "true" home game - that being last Friday night's win over Queen's, whereas $quirrel fans have already witnessed their beloved rodents a total of 5 times at the "Drey".

We're also reminded of the absence of a womens' varsity hockey program at $quirrel U.
And of course UNB is into the new school year without women's hockey. We haven't forgotten about that.
Neither have we. But we do appreciate the new additions to the Green and Gold.


  1. interesting article ..... total of 5 home games to Stu's 1 .... hmmm.. I suppose with no women's team anymore at UNB that the Men's team will have even more money now. No wonder they're golden ...

  2. What's wrong with playing more hockey? If there are teams that want to play more than 28 regular season games - and at this level they most certainly do - what's the harm?

    This isn't a market driven, pro-sports league - overexposure is a non-issue. Enhancing the athletic experience for the students should be the priority. Perhaps Mr. Power should complain about the fact Junior A teams play 58-60 games or so, QMJHL teams play 70. AUS isn't even half that. They play because they want to get ready for the season they care so much about, because hockey matters, and because they love the sport.

    If some whiny reporter told me or my kid I played too much hockey I'd high stick him. We're not talking the NHL with 82 games in the regular season, 6 exhibition games, and 12 weeks of playoffs.

    Geez, will hockey fans in this city do nothing but whine?

    Give UNB credit too - they aren't bringing in St. FX and PEI 6 times for exhibition - Carleton, the Islanders prospects, U else could they fit them into the season schedule except exhibition?

    Too bad the Tommies don't have the vision or organizational skils to bring in some good teams too...they certainly have the re$ource$ if they only knew how to use them right...

  3. Perhaps this joker who thinks the Tommies have no vision or organazational skills should first realize and understand anything about hockey before posting such ridiculous comments. You sound like a typical UNB fan who knows nothing about the game and thinks that any team that the Reds bring in from outside the AUS is so amazing. There are more important things to worry about than trying to get in the Islanders rookies, so fans like you will think its the most amazing thing ever, like getting ready for what really matters to the players and the university, the regular season and playoffs. The V Reds have it so easy when it comes to recruiting and spending money, and its mostly because the majority of their fan base is fans like you who have no idea about hockey at all and just jump on the V red band wagon because its easy. As true Tommie fans we would rather have less fans who actually care about the game rather UNB pretender fans who dont know a sniff about hockey.