Sunday 7 September 2008

One more year for Matt Seymour

Photo Credit: Ian MacAlpine

No, Matt Seymour won't be suiting up with the Tommies this year but he does have one more year left at university. caught up with "Matty" recently:
I am very excited to be in the STU BEd program as it is something that I have been striving for since I came... It was a long road to get this far, but its been worth every second. Not too sure how much hockey I will be playing this year, as you know the program is very time consuming and that is my number one priority at this point. I was helping Mike [Eagles] the hockey camp, and would like to still be around the team as much as possible. But as mentioned before, I am not sure how much time I will have to do that, so I am just waiting to get settled in on school before I can make any commitments. I am hoping to teach elementary school in the future, possibly high school at some point also. They pretty much place us in schools, so basically its up to them to decide where we are going... Thanks for inquiring about me, its nice to know that you're not forgotten!
Thank you Matt for all the memories. We'll never forget your 5 point night versus the Squirrels a few years back. A character player that can never be fully replaced. Best of luck.

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