Thursday 7 August 2008

Meet the new Tommies - Jason Rinzler

From the Tommies' official website:
Jason is a skilled forward from Moncton that played in the MJAHL for the Moncton Beavers and the Weeks Crushers. In eleven play-off games this spring, Jason had ten goals. He led his team to the Royal Bank Cup by virtue of their win at the Fred Page Cup. The Tommies are hoping Jason can follow the same footprints as Justin Bowers.
Photo Credit:
Jason is a 6'0, 190 lb centre hailing from Moncton. Jason is a proven scorer, with 103 points in 81 games over the last two seasons in the MJAHL. Jason has shown he can raise his game at playoff time as well, scoring 31 points in 22 playoff games, plus another 11 points in 5 games as he helped lead the Weeks Crushers to the Fred Page Cup last season.
Tommies fans have reason to be excited about this recruit, as he should do a good job of filling the void left by Justin Bowers' defection to the ECHL.

The one and only YouTube clip of Jason... watch the big shot coming over the blue line, scoring a big goal for the Beavers:

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  1. Rinzler's a hack but he's got a great mustache ..... Keep the stache thick and he'll score STU some goals ... Unless he runs up against Fullerton otherwise known as Rico than all bets are off even with the stache ..
    That is all
    Rob Taylor