Monday 23 January 2006

Best and Worst of AUS Hockey

Matthew Wuest, a reporter for the The Daily News in Halifax, has released his coaches poll listing the best and worst players in 24 categories. This has become somewhat of an annual tradition in the AUS men’s hockey conference and it’s a fan favourite. If you would like to read the article in it’s entirety there is a link at the end of this entry.

Kyle McAllister was voted by the AUS coaches as the best faceoff guy in the league and Nick Theriault was voted the dirtiest player. Bruce Gillis tied with seven others as the best defensive forward and Andrew Sim received a vote as most improved player, as well as a vote for best goalie. Nick also got a vote for best shot.

There is only one comment to be made by STU before you exit the site to read the article. I was fortunate to hear an interview last season with Nick Theriault during a CHSR broadcast in Antigonish, NS. Nick made a comment on the difference between the ECHL and the AUS. (He has played in both) In the AUS smaller players love to use their stick and act like they are big guys. In the ECHL the smaller guys don’t as much because they will get the snot beat out of them in a fight. Nick stands up for his team and gives what ever the Tommies get, right back in spades. Not to mention that Nick can back up what he does on the ice. Maybe he has given some cheap shots but he’s got them also.